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Below is a listing of Allegan County 4-H equine programs and events. Those that are underlined, you may click on to get more information. Keep checking as these events will be updated as info becomes available!

Coggins Reminder:

  • You MUST have a current COGGINS for each horse brought onto the fairgrounds
  • Bring copies or we will make a copy of the original              
  • You cannot show without having a copy on file at the show that day


Horse Show Patterns


2021 4-H 5-Day Horse Clinic - TBA

  • 5-Day Clinic Registration Book (pg 1-17)
  • 5-Day Clinic Registration Info (pg 1-4)
  • 5-Day Clinic Things to Bring and Stall Card (pg 5)
  • 5-Day Clinic Horsemaster Evaluation Information (pg 6, 14-16)
  • 5-Day Clinic Class Descriptions (pg 7-9)
  • 5-Day Clinic Class Schedule (pg 10-11)
  • 5-Day Clinic Registration Forms (pg 12-13, 17)
  • Youth Code of Conduct and Medical Form for Non 4-H Youth (must be completed)
  • Youth 4-H Enrollment Form for Non 4-H Youth (must be completed)

To register for this event, please visit the website https://allegan4h5dayclinic.org/ 

2021 Beth Wykstra Open Horse Show & Horsemaster Clinic - TBA

  • Western English Open Horse Show & Horsemaster Clinic
  • Gymkhana Open Horse Show & Horsemaster Clinic


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