Activities for School Students at Home


4-H Inspire Kids to Do Guide

Discover 4-H STEM Camps

All Subjects

Brain Pop – grades 4-8

Brain Pop Jr – grades K-3

Khan Academy – online and fun lessons on subjects for kids K-12 (ALL SUBJECTS)

MSU Extension Math & Language Arts lessons to do at home – (STEM and more)

Smithsonian Learning Lab – (STEM and more) – youth grades 6-12


Duplicate your drawings with a homemade machine (ART, STEM)

Make your drawing float (STEM)

Virtual Museum tours- 12 famous museums from around the world


Build a paper airplane launcher (STEM)

Build a recycling sorting machine (STEM)

Build a wind powered car (STEM)

Build your own speaker – (STEM)

Building the strongest bridge

Chill out by making homemade slushies

Design your own phone stand – (STEM)

Gear up your candy 

Lift water – build an Archimedes screw (STEM)

Make a cotton ball launcher – (STEM)

Make a marble roller coaster – (STEM)

Make a toy sailboat – (STEM)

Make elephant toothpaste (STEM)

Shaky science – build a seismograph (STEM)

Surviving the stormy seas – build a watercraft (STEM)


Learn  to Code! (CODING)

Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share (CODING)

4-H Code Your World (CODING – need a computer)

CS First Coding – learn to code with CS (CODING – need a computer)

Robot, make me a sandwich – (CODING) – unplugged – no computer needed, 2 people +)


4-H Knitting (FIBER CRAFTS)


Educational Videos

Khan Academy



Holes that do not leak – (STEM) 

Science with Your Smartphone- Make an Accelerometer- (STEM)

Sweet Earthquake structure shake (STEM)

Test the strength of hair (STEM)


National Geographic


Make fun with a perimeter magic triangle (STEM)


Ben's Guide to U.S. Government


Google Historical Voyages and Events

Liberty's Kids



What are the chances? (STEM)


Classics for Kids

The World Music Archive


Mars Rover Obstacle Course (STEM)

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) STEM – parents and educators pages

NASA STEM – youth grades 5-9

NASA STEM – youth grades 9-12

NASA STEM – youth grades K-4


Flying stick chain reaction (STEM)

Hula hooping with a rubber band (STEM)

Make your own rainbow (STEM)

Physics Comic Books

Slippery slopes – (STEM)


Free E-Books

Lit2Go’s Audio Books


36 Project based STEM Learning Activities (STEM)

Animal Science Anywhere – Michigan State University (Grades 6-12) (ANIMAL SCIENCE)

Ask an Astronomer

Ask Dr. Universe – Washington State University – (STEM and more) 

Bring Science Home – Scientific American Education

Change the size of your shadow – (STEM)

Find your blind spot – (STEM)

Generation Genius – grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 (STEM) – for educators and parents

How do you stop superbugs? 

Inquiring minds want to know: science activities for young minds – (STEM) Michigan State University –

Mystery Science lessons for school closure – lessons for educators and parents

National 4-H STEM Lab activities (STEM)

Science with a smartphone – Decibel meter (STEM)

Science with a smartphone – measure light with Lux

Slime art – what to do with slime that has dried out (ART)

STEMfinity – (STEM)

Steve Spangler Science – science experiments for kids (STEM)

Teaching science when you don’t know diddly squat science lessons -Michigan State University 

Vanderbilt STEM lessons – middle school

Weathering rocks (STEM)