Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Science Activities for Young Minds


November 22, 2016

The purpose of “Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Science for Young Minds” is to provide ideas for facilitating science with young children so they gain important life skills and experience the excitement of science exploration.

“The capacity of young children to reason in sophisticated ways is much greater than has long been assumed. Even before they start school, children develop their own ideas about the physical, biological, and social worlds and how they work” (National Research Council, 2011).

Science engages their curiosity. Science provides kids the opportunity to know that they can help solve the world’s big problems. Science provides practical tools for understanding everyday life.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Science for Young Minds activities include the following:

For additional information on "Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Science for Activities for Young Minds" or to request a training, contact For additional science activities for learners of all ages, check out the Teaching Science When You Don't Know Diddly-Squat series. 



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