Fair Information

Welcome to our Barry County Fair Information site.

The Barry County Fair officially runs July 15-20 this year. The daily fair activities can be found by scrolling down towards the bottom of the page. 

  • Reservations for campsites can be made from March 1 - June 1.  
  • Each animal specie has specific pre-registration and possession deadlines for fair participation.
  • Fair entries are due at the Barry Expo Center at a date yet to be determined. Call 269 945-2224 for additional information.  
  • Fair Book

4-H Graduation Booth
Calling all seniors! We will again be honoring our 2023 high school graduates at the Barry County Fair with a booth in the Expo building. Please provide an 8 x 10 FRAMED photo to display and complete the graduation form prior to fair week. The form is available  and can be emailed to Julie Makarewicz at jmarkernews1@gmail.com. Or email and a form can be sent to you. Photos can be dropped off at either the extension office or the fair office or call 616-481-6203 to make other arrangements. PLEASE put your NAME on the BACK OF THE PHOTO or FRAME.  Remember to pick up your photos Sunday after fair. Any photos left will be taken to the extension office in Hastings for pick up there. Questions? Contact Julie at 616-481-6203. Let's fill the booth with our 4-H Seniors!

Anyone attending fair with a steer showing in Department 4; Youth Beef Cattle must complete Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) feed yard and present a copy of their certificate of completion for the superintendent to keep before entering the scales at check in.  https://bqa.beeflearningcenter.org/catalog/course.asp?id=17 

New for 2020 - Anyone attending fair with a lamb must complete either YQCA or BQA (see link above) on every three years. Anyone attending fair with a hog must complete YQCA every year.  At weigh in each youth will provide written proof in the form 2 copies of a certificate stating that the youth has successfully completed YQCA OR BQA certificate for feedlot certification. 

Starting in 2020

  • Show management (fair board and 4-H Livestock Developmental Committee) reserves the right to DNA and/or drug test any livestock exhibited at the Barry County Fair (DNA testing and drug testing may be performed by show management). Any animal found to be in violation will be disqualified. Any animal containing substances at any level not in compliance with United States Food and Drug Administration and/or United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety/safety standards, illegal substances and/or tampered with will be disqualified. An animal treated with any substance that’s withdrawal period will not be met at time of exhibition (show day) will forfeit the opportunity to be exhibited or sold in the current years’ event. Exceptions will not be made in the instance of a prescription from a licensed veterinarian. Any monies awarded to the individual, including sale proceeds will be forfeited. Owner of a market animal(s) will be considered communicated with and is in acceptance of this policy, in advance of the sale, in which he/she agree to adhere to this rule.  
  • The use of Ractopamine (Paylean, Explode, XXL, Lean Maximer or any other beta-agonist) feed additive is strictly forbidden.  Member/Family (legal guardian) must turn in signed affidavit at check in along with a copy of current annual YQCA certification.  The same policies apply to Ractopamine as other drugs.  Show management reserves the right to test for Ractopamine.  Member & family will be held responsible for costs, fines or damages incurred. Signed Affadivat required at hog weigh in.

  • Hog Tagging - hog tagging dates have been canceled for 2021, hogs must arrive at fair with the premise ID tags in and will be tagged at weigh in with BCF tags. 
  • Hog Vaccination - The required vaccine is FluSureXP.  This is available from Bull Creek, South Kent or Musick Vet Service.  The first 2cc dose MUST be given between May 4th and May 10th.  The 2cc booster dose MUST be given between May 25 and NO later than May 31st.  Here is the link to the Vaccination Form, this must be brought to weigh in.
  • The Barry County Fair livestock sale of lambs, hogs, and steers is considered a terminal sale. All animals will go directly to selected slaughter facilities or resale on designated trailers.

  • VISIT https://www.canr.msu.edu/barry/barry_county_4_h/animal_science/beef-sheep-swine FOR MORE IN DEPTH INFORMATION, FORMS AND REQUIREMENTS.


 Manure/Insurance Form