Join 4-H

If you or your children are interested in joining 4-H, you can use the list at the bottom of the page to contact club leaders and find a 4-H Club that meets your needs.  You can also call Arin Bowen or Lily Arriaga, 4-H Program Coordinators, at the MSU Extension office at 269-945-1388.  We will be happy to assist you in finding a club in your area, active in you or your child’s area of interest.  New members may enroll for the current 4-H year (September 15 through August 31) until March 1 of the current year or after March 1st if a club is willing to take them (all fair dates & deadlines must be followed).  Each 4-H Club has it’s own meeting schedule, format and may have additional fees.  Please note, clubs are allowed to close membership when they reach the maximum number of youth leaders feel they can successfully accommodate.

Cost: There is no cost to join 4-H however some clubs do have dues.

Age requirements: 4-H programs are open to all youth ages 5-19.  “4-H age” of youth enrolling is their age as of January 1, of the current year.  Youth are divided into 2 age groups:

4-H Members: Ages 8-19 are considered may compete at fair and are eligible for awards at the county, state and national levels.  These youth will have opportunities to explore many different project areas and expand their knowledge in their areas of interest.  4-H Members will learn to take leadership roles, set goals and develop strategies to reach those goals.  They will learn skills necessary to become a vital part of their community now and in the future.

Cloverbuds: Youth ages 5 through 7 are considered Clover Buds/Young Clovers.  The materials and project areas for Clover Buds are age appropriate, non-competitive, fun and hands-on.   This age group may show specific projects at fair and be recognized for their efforts and skills learned.  Clover Buds will learn to work with adults and peers together.  They will expand their knowledge in a variety of project areas appropriate for their age.

Enroll: You can enroll in 4-H on line, Here is the link to 4HOnline.

Volunteer with 4-H: All volunteers working directly with 4-H youth must complete the volunteer selection process (VSP). We would like this process to be complete before March. Contact Arin Bowen ( or Lily Arriaga ( or 269-945-1388 to get the process started.  

Barry County 4-H Clubs  Please note, this list is subject to change as clubs are allowed to close when they have reached the maximum number of youth leaders can accommodate.

New Family Packet - This is a good overview of what a 4-H year could look like.