The Energy Independence, Bioenergy Generation and Environmental Sustainability online Training Center has been designed to provide educational training resources focused not only on the technical feasibility of bioenergy generation, but also on approaches and processes that assist communities in understanding the comprehensive implications of bio-based alternative energy. See our list of training resources on the left-hand menu, and the link to Sustainable Ag Energy to the right.

BIOEN: Sustainable Bioenergy

BIOEN1 – Introduction to Bioenergy
BIOEN2 – Bioenergy Crop Production & Harvesting
BIOEN3 – Water Resources: Issues and Opportunities in Bioenergy Generation
BIOEN4 – Community Economic Development & Bioenergy Generation

ENCON: On-Farm Energy Conservation & Efficiency Series

ENCON1 – Introduction to Farm Energy Use
ENCON2 – Farm Practices to Improve Energy Efficiency

ENCON 2.1: Field Operations
ENCON 2.2: Dairy Energy Efficiency
ENCON 2.3: Grain Drying
ENCON 2.4: Irrigation
ENCON 2.5: Animal Housing
ENCON 2.6: Greenhouses

ENCON3 – Resources for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs

ANDIG: Introduction to Anaerobic Digestion

ANDIG1 – Introduction to Anaerobic Digestion
ANDIG2 – Factors that Affect Manure Digestion
ANDIG3 – Types of Anaerobic Digesters
ANDIG4 – Anaerobic Digester Start Up, Operation and Control
ANDIG5 – Economics of On-Farm Anaerobic Digesters
ANDIG6 – Cooperative Development of Digesters
ANDIG7 – State and Federal Regulations

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