All Things BLV 2019

Meeting Summary

The 2019 All Things BLV Meeting took place at Michigan State University on October 24, 2019. A total of 11 abstracts were presented over the course of the day. Abstract titles and presenters are listed below. The meeting pamphlet including schedule and abstracts is available for download and reading. 

All Things BLV 2019 Pamphlet


  • Impact of BLV on Lymphocyte Counts and ELISA Status Across a Lactation Cycle in Dairy Cattle. C. Kellogg, B. Norby, P.C. Bartlett, P. Coussens, R. Erskine, D. Grooms, T. Byrem, and L. Sordillo
  • Evaluation of Two Blood Leukocyte Tests for Use On-Farm. H. Hutchinson, C.L. Swenson, T. Taxis, B. Norby, and P.C. Bartlett
  • Longitudinal Changes in the Proviral Load and Lymphocyte Counts in Cows Naturally Infected with BLV. H. Hutchinson, V.J. Ruggiero, B. Norby, K.R.B. Sporer, and P.C. Bartlett
  • Example of On-Farm CBC Test as a Management Tool for Assessing and Promoting Herd Health. A. Luttman, D. Wojciechowski, T.M. Taxis, P.C. Barltlett
  • Enhancing a Sustainable Dairy Industry by Controlling BLV. T.N. DeJong, C.L. Swenson, T.M. Taxis, B. Norby, C.J. Droscha, and P.C. Bartlett
  • An Attenuated Vaccine that Efficiently and Persistently Protects Against BLV in Herds. L. Willems
  • Constructing a Synthetic Peptide Vaccine Against BLV. S. Chugh and X. Huang
  • Sequence-Based Typing of MHC BoLA Alleles to Determine BLV Host Resistance. C. Lohr, K.R.B. Sporer, V.J. Ruggiero, C.J. Droscha, and P.C. Bartlett
  • MiRNA Extraction from Milk as a Diagnostic Tool for BLV Identification and Evaluation. J. Zenchak, K. Kesler, K.R.B. Sporer, T.M. Byrem, and C.J. Droscha
  • Identification of Epigenetics Markers Predictive of Late Embryonic Mortality in Bovine Milk. K. Kesler, J. Zenchak, K.R.B. Sporer, T.M. Byrem, and C.J. Droscha 
  • BLV Super-Shedders: Insights into a Longitudinal Field Trial. K.R.B. Sporer, C.J. Droscha, T.M. Byrem, and P.C. Bartlett.