All Things BLV 2023

November 8-10, 2023
MSU Henry Center, Lansing, Michigan

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The International All Things Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV) Conference is planned as a welcoming and collaborative gathering place for sharing ideas, successes, challenges, and needs regarding BLV – while providing career development, mentorship, and training to early career individuals and students.

The international gathering for discussion and learning among researchers, extension specialists, producer, veterinarians, and students is vital for progress in global bovine leukosis diagnosis, management, and control. The conference will stimulate interests and build community and collaboration around BLV.

This conference includes presentations in BLV from lead researchers across the globe, as well as accounts of success and challenges of BLV management from engaged producers and veterinarians.

This program will be submitted for American Association of Veterinary State Board RACE approval (but is not yet approved) for 8 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize RACE approval and for American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) credits. Notification of credit status will be updated here and the All Things BLV website


November 8, 2023

Time (EST)


7:00 a.m.

Registration Open

8:45 a.m.


9:00 a.m.

Keynote Address and Discussion
From BLV Discoveries to Dreams: A Roadmap for the Future
Tasia Kendrick, Michigan State University

10:00 a.m.


10:15 a.m.

Session I: Molecular Virology
  • Impact of naturally occurring mutations in regulatory elements of BLV on viral replication and transcription activities
    • Aneta Pluta, National Veterinary Research Institute
  • Comparison of integration sites in blood and lymphoma of cattle with EBL by improved BLV-proviral DNA-capture sequencing
    • Noriko Fukushi, The University of Tokyo
  • Viral clonal landscape and disease progression: lessons from tumor-resistant animals in the ovine model of BLV infection (Featured Presentation)
    • Antonio Facciuolo, University of Saskatchewan


Lunch and Networking
Career Development Workshop for Graduate and Undergraduate Students: Professional Relationship and Conflict Mangement

2:00 p.m.

Session II: Genetics
  • From Bench to Farm: Development of Immunotherapy and Clonality Analysis Technologies for BLV Control (Featured Presentation )
    • Tomohiro Okagawa
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cell transcriptome data reveals differences in gene expression between bovine leukemia virus infected and non-infected dairy cattle
    • T.F. Scull, Texas Tech University
  • First identification of SNPs associated with BLV-induced lymphoma by GWAS and development of a rapid SNP typing assay
    • Sonoko Watanuki, The University of Tokyo
  • Effects of maternal bovine leukemia virus on calf microRNA expression
    • Anne Tunison, Michigan State University

4:00 p.m.

Session III: Undergraduate Research Presentations
  • Exploring MicroRNA Signatures in BLV-Infected Dairy Cows
    • Jewel McMaster, Michigan State University
  • Deciphering Bovine leukemia virus transmission: maternal impact on calves before weaning
    • Olivia Watkins, Michigan State University
  • Assessing Temporal Patterns of Bovine Leukemia Virus Infection in Dairy Youngstock
    • Madison Wieland, Michigan State University

5:45 p.m.

Featured Presentation:
Antisense transcription of bovine leukemia virus is essential for viral replication and oncogenesis
Luc Willems, University of Liège (ULiège)

6:45 p.m.

Dinner and Social Networking

November 9, 2023

Time (EST)


8:00 a.m.

Registration Open

9:00 a.m.

Session IV: BLV Vaccination Possibilities
  • Cow factors affecting vaccination: Should we be worried about BLV? (Featured Presentation)
    • Jen Roberts, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.
  • A novel bovine leukemia virus vaccine targeting cattle carrying susceptible bovine leukocyte antigen (BoLA)-DRB3 allele
    • Yoko Aida, The University of Tokyo
  • A safe and effective vaccine against bovine leukemia virus
    • Luc Willems, University of Liège (ULiège)

10:30 a.m.


10:50 a.m.  

Session V: Impacts of Disease
  • Bovine Leukemia Virus diagnostic parameter variation over a lactation cycle in dairy cattle (Featured Presentation)
    • Chris Kellogg, Michigan State University
  • Effects of bovine leukemia virus seropositivity and proviral load on milk, fat, and protein production of dairy cows
    • Sulav Shrestha, University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine
  • The Economic Impact of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Michigan Dairies
    • Drew Frommelt, Michigan State University


Lunch and Business Meeting

2:00 p.m.

Session VI: Experiences with BLV
  • Evaluation of Herd and Within-Herd Prevalence of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Eastern Kansas Beef Cattle
    • Shaun Huser, Kansas State University
  • Producer and Veterinarian Panel Discussion
    • Brent Wilson, Wilson Centennial Farms
    • Don Niles, Dairy Dreams LLC

3:45 p.m.


4:05 p.m.

Session VII: Disease Diagnostics
  • BLV control: a long and winding road ahead? (Featured Presentation)
    • Frank van der Meer, University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine
  • Incorporating Leukosis Status in the Breeding Strategies of Commercial Dairy Herds
    • Kelly Sporer, CentralStar Cooperative, Inc.
  • Connecting Maternal BLV Infection Status with Probability of Early Life Infections in Offspring
    • Madison Sokacz, Michigan State University
  • Utilization of a Hyper-Leukosis ELISA Assay as a Diagnostic Tool for Low Prevalence Herds
    • Kelly Sporer, CentralStar Cooperative, Inc.

6:00 p.m.

Keynote Address, Discussion, and Dinner (with social hour)
  • Effectiveness of integrated BLV eradication strategies utilizing cattle with resistant and susceptible BoLA-DRB3 alleles
    • Yoko Aida, The University of Tokyo
  • Award Presentations and Business Meeting Summary
  • Reflections for Charting the Road Ahead
    • Tasia Kendrick, Michigan State University

November 10, 2023

Time (EST)


8:00 a.m.

Registration Open

8:30 a.m. Bus Departs for Farm Tour
9:30 a.m. Farm Tour: Sand Creek Dairy
11:45 a.m. Box Lunch and Tour at Mooville Dairy and Creamery

1:45 p.m.

Tour and Conference Concludes


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  • Onsite: $385

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Please make your own lodging arrangements for the conference. We recommend staying at Candlewood Suites, which is conveniently attached to the MSU Henry Center, the designated conference location.

By booking before October 17, 2023, guests can take advantage of the group discount rate of $95 per night. To reserve online, visit: BLV Conference Hotel Link, Group Code:CAN

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  • Broad connection with producers, researchers, veterinarians and
    others in the cattle industry.
  • Advancement of BLV research and control efforts, benefiting the
    cattle industry and public health at large.
  • Enabling young researchers to expand their knowledge of BLV and gain career enhancing mentorship.
  • Create new collaborations to address BLV challenges and improve the cattle industry.
  • Hear Producer and Practitioner Experiences with BLV and work together and help provide solutions.

We invite you to be a part of the development of the BLV community internationally. Please consider supporting the conference.

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Call For Abstracts - Now Closed

This conference welcomes presentations on the latest scientific advancements from researchers around the world, as well as experiences in BLV management and/or disease elimination from producers and veterinarians. Consider being a part of the conversation by sharing your research or experience with BLV at the 2023 International All Things BLV Conference, November 8-10!

Proposed topics include, but are not limited to:
Molecular Virology
Immunology and Microbiology
Economic Impacts of BLV
Diagnostics and Control
Producer and Practitioner Experiences with BLV

Submission of abstracts are required for consideration of presentation.
Please consider submitting an abstract today!

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