4-H provides youth with hands-on opportunities to explore future careers and entrepreneurship while enhancing their financial literacy and developing important skills for the workforce.

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Curious what career is right for you?

Position yourself to get paid! Get the job you want and build your future. Identify skills and learn how to prepare for your career.

Career exploration is defined as the “process in which an individual chooses an educational path or training or a job which fits their interests, skills and abilities.” Exploring different career options is a hallmark of the 4-H experience. Almost any project a youth pursues provides an opportunity to see what a career is like up close and personal. Youth get the chance to try it on, put their hands in it and see how they might like to be a butcher, baker or candlestick maker. Or an artist, an engineer or the farmer of the year in a decade or so. In addition, MSU Extension 4-H programs help with workforce preparation. 

You may have heard this statement: “It’s not always the best person who gets the job, but the person best at getting the job.” Many experts agree, so it’s worth investing time to understand everything you can about:


For more information on how to get involved as a youth or volunteer, contact your county MSU Extension office or Michigan 4-H Career Exploration and Workforce Preparation Team.