Our Services

Core Services

The Center’s core services for communities include:

  • Pension and OPEB Analysis: Provide an assessment of trends in pension costs, pension funding, other employment benefits and benchmarking best practice strategies.
  • Financial Trend Analysis: Provide an overall assessment of long term and short term trends in revenues, expenditures, debt, general fiscal health and recommendations regarding adoption of financial policies.
  • Strategic Planning: Provide facilitation for strategic planning sessions and the development of strategic plans.

Center Outreach Services

  • Educational workshops and training on best practices related to fiscal sustainability strategies such as multiple-year budgeting, full-accrual budgeting, transparent financial information, and early warning systems to reinforce financial stability.
  • Targeted applied research, testimony and white papers on local fiscal sustainability and governance issues to the Michigan Legislature, local legislative bodies and other civic groups.
  • Workshops, partnerships and model projects to increase the adoption and use data and open data systems, intergovernmental cooperation, and other operational strategies to improve the efficiency of the Michigan public sector.

Interested in learning more?

Contact the Center’s Associate Director Mary Schulz to learn more about how the center can help your community.

Mary Schulz

Mary Schulz

Associate Director of the Michigan State University Extension Center for Local Government Finance and Policy