• Jackie Albert

    Research Technician Jackie Albert, working with MSU researcher Rufus Isaacs, is studying the best ways to develop pollinator habitats at MSU’s Clarksville Research Center.

  • Matthew Grieshop

    Matthew Grieshop is conducing research at MSU’s Clarksville Research Center designed to improve the efficiency of pesticide application in tree fruit production.

  • Timothy Miles

    Timothy Miles is researching fungicide efficacy in grape crops at MSU’s Clarksville Research Center.

  • Julianna Wilson

    Julianna Wilson is conducting research at MSU’s Clarksville Research Center, through a project funded by Project GREEEN and the Michigan Apple Committee, to look at factors involved with apple replant disease in Michigan.

  • Growing organic apples

    Growing organic apples in Michigan is a difficult thing to do. There are three major struggles: effective pest control for insects, diseases and weeds.

  • Improving tree fruit nutrient, pesticide application processes

    Researchers at Clarksville Research Center are conducting a multi-state, multi-disciplinary study to develop a new way of getting foliar inputs into apples and cherries.

  • Developing new Tart Cherry varieties

    Researchers are developing new varieties of tart cherries that will increase profitability in tart cherry production and ensure the environmental stewardship of the lakeshore land. One such variety is the "Balaton."

  • Advancing Michigan cherry production: From root to fruit

    Michigan State University AgBioResearch scientists at Clarksville Research Center are looking at the advantages and economics of various protective covering systems for cherries.

  • Bernard Zandstra

    Bernard Zandstra is conducting research at Michigan State University's Clarksville Research Center to help farmers keep their apple orchards weed free.

  • Phil Schwallier

    MSU Extension Educator Phil Schwallier discusses the role MSU’s Clarksville Research Center plays in keeping the state’s farmers informed.

  • Christopher Gottschalk

    Christopher Gottschalk with MSU's Plant Breeding, Genetics and Technology, is researching a red-flesh and cultivar breeding project in apples.

  • Greg Lang

    Gregory Lang is studying the benefits of a fruiting wall system for growing sweet cherries at MSU’s Clarksville Research Center.

  • Clarksville Research Center Overview

    The Clarksville Research Center hosts research on small fruits and tree fruits as well as potatoes, chestnuts and a variety of other crops

  • Andrea Kohler

    Graduate Student Andrea Kohler is working with MSU researcher Courtney Hollander to study high-density planting to reduce labor costs at MSU’s Clarksville Research Center.