Clean Boats, Clean Waters is a watercraft inspection program to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Volunteers can play a crucial role in protecting Michigan’s lakes and stream from aquatic invasive species. Clean Boats, Clean Waters volunteers educate boaters about invasive species at boat launches by demonstrating inspection protocols and removing potential invaders. Learn more about volunteering on the Clean Boats, Clean Waters website.


Preventing invasive species on watercraft is easy:

  • CLEAN off aquatic plants, animals and mud from all equipment before leaving the launch site.
  • DRAIN water from all equipment and leave drain plugs out during transport.
  • DRY all equipment for five days or wipe dry with a towel before using in a new location.

Michigan law requires the removal of all aquatic plants from watercraft, watercraft equipment and trailers before placing equipment into Michigan waters. For more information on this law visit the State of Michigan invasive species website.




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