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Tools, Resources & Links

MSU Extension Coverage

Your local MSU Extension office is the "front door" to Michigan State University. Gaining access to the vast resources available from Michigan State University Extension is as easy as stopping in or calling the local office or visiting the MSU Extension website.

When you call or stop into the local office you can talk to someone who is knowledgeable in all the resources available through MSU Extension. Following are just a few of the services available:

  • Information and materials to submit soil and plant samples for analysis
  • Information on diagnosing pest or disease problems
  • Connecting growers with the MSU Extension educators that can help with a question
  • Providing written information on a topic
  • Purchasing MSU Extension materials
  • Providing information on MSU Extension programs held locally as well as across the state
  • Local newsletter offered via email quarterly. To receive the newsletter email Nicole at put News & Notes in the subject line and request to be added to the list.

Visiting the MSU Extension website provides access to all MSU Extension programs across the state and connects users to articles, services and resources. Following is a brief listing of agriculture resources that are available:

  • Events offered locally and across the state. Program information and registration are available with one stop.
  • Find an expert. Locate the educator that are knowledgeable on the topic you are interested in and connect by email or phone.
  • Gain access to the most recent articles on timely topics.
  • Connect with county Extension offices and the folks that are housed there.
  • To see all there is available visit

 MSU Extension has educators across the state that can assist with your crop production needs. Visit the local office or the MSU Extension website for the quick and courteous service you are looking for.