Step 2: Donate Masks

Youth may want to begin by making cloth face coverings for their family. Once they are confident in making cloth face coverings, consider donating them to our statewide effort. Michigan 4-H is focused on providing cloth face coverings to community members throughout Michigan. 

To participate:

  • To limit the amount of contact, we ask that you place your cloth face coverings into groups of four into re-sealable zipper storage bags.
  • Optional: Print the instructions, cut apart and staple one copy to each bag.
  • Package as many bags of four as you wish into a box or envelope. Please list on the outside of the package the total number of cloth face coverings that are included inside.
  • Mail to one of the MSU Extension staff members listed below. To reduce unnecessary travel, it's recommended that you use U.S. Postal Service’s online click-n-ship options which allow you to schedule a pickup, print mailing labels, and order free supply boxes. 
    • Gary Williams
      2115 Oakman Blvd.
      Detroit, MI 48238 
    • Anne Kretschmann
      14300 Jousma Rd.
      Bruce Crossing, MI 49912

To contribute to your community:

Due to social distancing efforts, 4-H youth, volunteers and club leaders are encouraged to NOT act as collection points for donation. Rather, mail donations via the methods listed above.

Tell us about your efforts!

Once you have completed your cloth face covering project(s) complete our quick survey to report the number of cloth face coverings you made and where you sent them. This form should be completed by all members of the Michigan 4-H community who create cloth face coverings, regardless of the distribution channel (family, local community needs or mailed to MSU Extension). Your answers will help to tell the impact of Michigan 4-H'ers across the state.  

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