Step 3: Reflections

Once you have completed your cloth face covering project(s), remember to complete our quick survey to report the number of cloth face coverings you made and where you sent them. You can further explore your 4-H service project by reflecting on the following questions:

  • What parts did you like most about this project? Why do you think it’s important to help with projects like this?
  • Can you think of other ways you can use your sewing, communication, and leadership skills to support your community?
  • What organizations are helping people in your community? How are they helping with what is needed in your community? Are there ways you can help them while staying safe and healthy?
  • How you can encourage others to be involved in this project?
  • How can you get the word out to others about what you are doing? Do you have a local newspaper that you could write an article for or a local radio station that you could call in to? Think about working with your club reporter to get the word out.
  • What are other ways you can help prevent the spread of germs and diseases?
  • Think about how you might adjust the pattern that you used to fit larger or smaller people.
  • Some people may need a different pattern. How could you adapt to use different kinds of fabric, ties, or other things they might need? What have you learned about sewing that will help you follow a different pattern?