Grow Your Money: Investing and Risk

Chalkboard with the word investing written on it


This interactive self-guided course using Nearpod will explore: the difference between saving and investing, simple interest, compound interest, the Rule of 72, types and methods of investing, risk and rewards, and steps to build wealth.

This course is designed for youth age 12-19.

The first 100 youth to attend all 10 sessions (live or self-guided lessons) found on our website here are eligible for a $50 savings incentive!

Live ZOOM sessions taking place at 6:15pm:

  • February 24: Do You Have a Plan? Money Goals
  • March 3: Paying for Post-secondary Education
  • March 10: Keep Yourself Out of Debt
  • March 17: Credit Craze: Managing Credit Wisely
  • March 24: Grow Your Money: Investing and Risk 
  • March 31: Budgeting: Understanding Income and Expenses
  • April 7: They Took What? Your First Paycheck and Taxes
  • April 14: Avoiding Money Mishaps: Tips to Avoid Fraud
  • April 21:  Pay Yourself First: Start a Saving Habit
  • April 28:  Banking Basics

This program is made possible by a grant from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

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