My Horse University: Horse Breeding and Selection Series


Course Overview

This series includes the four short courses listed below. Each short course is coupled with a recorded 1 hour webcast by our equine experts.

  • Breeding for a Champion: This course covers some of the important factors a potential horse owner should consider before investing in a horse including finding the right horse, criteria for selecting the right horse, and criteria for breeding your next performance horse. 

  • Your Next Competition Horse: This course includes specific criteria a horse owner should consider when breeding a horse. The course begins with a detailed explanation of several methods for selecting a stallion and mare in addition to an explanation of genetics and the possibility of genetic disorders. The key factors for horse selection, including conformation, disposition, and performance, are discussed as are the breeding costs and farm management expenses involved in horse breeding.

  • Preparing and Breeding Your Mare: This course will cover some of the important factors a breeder should know about mare reproduction. The course begins with basic information about the mare's reproductive anatomy. The course then explores the mare's reproductive cycle, appropriate times to breed, and the breeding process. The broodmare's nutritional requirements are also detailed.

  • Post-Natal Care: This course will cover some of the important factors to consider when raising a foal. The course begins with an overview of critical knowledge a breeder needs to know regarding the first 48 hours of a foal's life including the stages of delivery, respiratory conditions, nursing, and what to evaluate in a physical exam. Information on routine health care, foal health problems, foal behaviors, as well as the nutritional requirements of a growing horse is also detailed. 

​Each short course takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete and consists of an overview, informative topics, optional activities, online badges, and a downloadable certificate of completion.


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