The NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Awards are made possible by support from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Michigan State University (MSU). The program has supported more than 400 students from approximately 160 institutions worldwide since 1998 to present their research and interact with leading scientists and other attendees at meetings of US-IALE and IALE.

This is the 22nd consecutive year of the program. The 20 awardees will have opportunities to meet at a special dinner gathering, learn the latest developments in landscape ecology, present their research, build professional networks with other conference attendees, and collaborate on telecoupling.

The 2019 awards were presented at the US-IALE 2019 Annual Meeting in April in Fort Collins, CO.

John Berini, University of Minnesota
Anthony Campbell, University of Rhode Island
Matthew Combs, Fordham University
Thomas Connor, Michigan State University
Steven DiFalco, University of Connecticut
Ciara Hovis, Michigan State University
Chaz Hyseni, University of Mississippi
Rodolfo Jaffe, Vale Institute of Technology
Jonathan Knott, Purdue University
Yi Li Xiamen, University, China
Lan Nguyen, University of South Dakota
Christian Rivera, University of Florida
Georgina Sanchez, North Carolina State University
Pietro Sciusco, Michigan State University
Megan Seeley, NASA DEVELOP
Byomkesh Talukder Dahdaleh, Institute for Global Health Research, Canada
Jing Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Justin Wied, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kristopher Winiarski, University of Waterloo, Canada
Amanda Xuereb, Université de Montréal, Canada