Graduate Program

The Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University (MSU) offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs in a variety of disciplines related to animal science, including dairy nutrition. Although individual student programs vary, all animal science-based graduate programs are designed to:

  • provide a strong foundation in biological science and an in-depth knowledge of a specific biological discipline of importance to animal agriculture;
  • develop creative potential and foster independent thought;
  • improve technical skills and
  • offer the foundation for effective, independent careers in Extension, research, teaching or agribusiness.

Graduate students in the Michigan State University (MSU) Dairy Nutrition Program have numerous opportunities to pursue their research and outreach goals. The department’s graduate program offers modern animal, computer and library facilities to support research.

Graduate assistantships are often available through faculty funding when faculty members have openings in their research programs. Typically a graduate student on an assistantship will provide a specific number of hours working on research, in addition to completing coursework and working on a thesis or dissertation. A stipend and tuition waiver will be provided during the period of the assistantship (nine credits each for fall and spring semesters and three to five credits for summer semester). Graduate assistants are exempt from out-of-state tuition and matriculation and infrastructure/technology fees are waived. Graduate assistants are automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan, the premium of which is paid by the university.

To learn more, the Michigan State University Graduate School website is an all-inclusive resource for prospective and current graduate students.

Please contact Dr. Adam Lock, MSU assistant professor of animal science, by calling 517-353-8714 to obtain more information about graduate student opportunities in the MSU Dairy Nutrition Program.