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Protecting plant nutrition from the effects of climate change

How does elevated CO2 affect a plant’s ability to take up nutrients? And Why does the nutritional content affect a plant’s ability to thrive and fight disease? In an essay published in the journal Current Biology, PSM’s Hatem Roauchad and his colleague Zaigham Shahzad propose steps toward understanding the link between increased CO2 and the mineral nutritional value of food crops.   Read more here

Graphical Depiction from Publication demonstrating carbon cycling

Welcome New Faculty

Barret Wessel has joined our faculty team – Dr. Wessel’s research generally focuses on the genesis, morphology, and management of soils. His specialty is wetland and subaqueous soils, but his interests also include agricultural soils, and urban and anthropogenic soils.   Read entire article here. 

Barret Wessel

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