4-H Club Resources

The MSU Extension office offers a wealth of resources for clubs to check out or come into the office and use.

Eaton County Enrollment Deadlines

  • November 15 for members and volunteers who are re-enrolling from the prior year
  • March 15 for new members to enroll who wish to exhibit at the Eaton County Fair as a 4-H member
  • Please note that 4-H has year-round enrollment, but may have specific enrollment deadlines for certain 4-H experiences. If you have a question about your enrollment and if it has passed a deadline, please contact the Extension office.

Frequently used documents

Useful links

Resources available for club use

  • Virtual Program Tips and Ideas

  • Resource books

    • 4-H Council will sponsor up to $50 per club for purchasing curricula (use link below for available types) for club use (curricula would belong to the club). Please contact the Extension office for which curricula your club wants to purchase.
    • Curricula costs and types
  • Eaton County 4-H Community

    • This closed Facebook group has been created for the Eaton County 4-H community to connect to each other through sharing of resources and ideas.  The group is only open to currently enrolled 4-H members, their parents, and current 4-H volunteers.

      Eaton County 4-H Community Group

  • Silhouette Cameo

    • This electronic cutter is available to 4-H club leaders or members to use.  You can use the design software to upload your own designs or clipart images.  Visit the office during office hours or arrange a separate time with 4-H staff to use the equipment.  We have both a regular blade (paper, cardstock, vinyl, etc) and a fabric blade.  You must bring your own materials to cut.
  • WiFi box

    • For administrative leader use only; to use at club meetings as needed so families can enroll online.
  • Learning Lab Kits

    • Clubs may check out the following Ohio State University learning lab kits for two weeks at a time.  Please call the Extension office to reserve a kit.
      • Beef
      • Dog
      • Dairy
      • Horse
      • Goat
      • Poultry
      • Rabbit
      • Sheep
      • Swine
      • Animal Science (general animal science)
  • Curriculum

    • 4-H_Curriculum_List.pdf
    • 4-H leaders or members may check out and use activities from the many curriculum books found in the Extension office. Please note that there are many resources available at the office beyond what is listed; you are welcome to stop in and browse what we have and check them out as well!

  • Project Guidelines

Forms for club administrative leaders

NOTE: For the packets due in 2020, it is preferred that completed forms are emailed to oosterh6@msu.edu. If needed, forms can be mailed to the Extension office or dropped off at the Extension office using the dropbox behind the office. If you would like a mailed copy of these forms, please request one from oosterh6@msu.edu or by calling the Extension office.

All forms are in fillable PDFs, including forms with signatures, to be easily completed electronically. Please download the PDF and save it onto your computer and open it with your PDF reader. If you experience any problems with the PDFs, please email oosterh6@msu.edu

  • Year-end Packet: Due October 15

    • End of the Year Checklist
    • Club Quality Checklist
    • Annual Financial Summary Report Form
      • NOTE: Financial reviews should be completed virtually for the 2019-2020 program year. It is suggested to email copies of the items needed for the review to those that are conducting the review (such as taking a photo of receipts, etc) and then go over the items during a Zoom meeting or other virtual platform (holding up items of question to the camera etc). If there are any discrepancies or difficulty in verifying expenditures or income, include a detailed written statement with the form. If you have difficulty with signing the form, the person that prepared the form and the second person that reviewed the form may just email oosterh6@msu.edu (each person needs to send an email) stating that they agree to the review and any other explanation needed, their name, and phone number.
      • Reminder: All signatories on bank accounts must be registered 4-H members and 4-H volunteers. The person who prepares the review can be one of the signatories. The second person who reviews the club records should not be a signatory nor related to a signatory.
      • A video on how to complete this form can be found at the 4-H Financial Management Toolkit.
      • If your club owes sales tax, you may mail the check to the Extension office or drop it off in the dropbox (make sure to include the club name and the program year sales tax with the check). Sales tax is also due by October 15.
    • Don't forget to also turn in the following listed in the year end checklist:
      • 1 club secretary report from any meeting held during the program year (September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020)
      • 1 club treasury report from any meeting held during the program year (September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020)
      • Bank statement ending August 31, 2020
      • Any fundraising report forms for the 2019-2020 program year
  • Reenrollment Packet: Due November 15

    • Fall Enrollment Checklist
      • NOTE: For the 2020-2021 program year, you will not have the club participation fee tracking form and money since 4-H Participation Fees have been waived (ignore that checkbox in the form). All youth who register in 4HOnline in your club will be automatically approved unless our office is contacted by you and the family.
    • Club Profile
    • Club Meeting Dates
    • Civil Rights Compliance Statement
    • Project Listing
    • Don't forget to also turn in a copy of the club bylaws if club bylaws have changed from the prior year.
  • Association Packet: Due October 15