4-H Club Tool Kit

This page contains information for Eaton County 4-H volunteers on resources, policies, and procedures that are contained within the 4-H Club Tool Kit resource that is provided to each year-round 4-H club.

4-H Club Tool Kit Table of Contents

Section A: 4-H Overview

Section B: Successful 4-H Clubs

Section C: Club Development

Section D: 4-H Volunteers

Section E: 4-H Policies

Section F: Michigan 4-H Financial Guidelines for Volunteers

Section G: Michigan 4-H Financial Guidelines for Treasurers

Section H: Welcome Packet for New Families

Section I: Additional Policies

 Section J: Club Officer Resources

Section K: Resources for Cloverbuds

Section L: Group Building/Community Service

Section M: Curricula Resources

Section Mc: Club Meeting Resources

Section N: Character Education Resources

Section O: Member Guides

Section P: Awards

Section Q: Michigan 4-H Recognition Handbook

Section R: Additional club resources

Section S: Insurance and Accident Information

Section T: Calendar of Events

Section U: Official Club Records (to be added into club's individual tool kit by each club with your specific Charter, EIN, and Bylaws; clubs needing copies should contact the office)

Section V: Other Club Records (to be added into club's individual tool kit in by each club as needed)

Section W: County Newsletters (to be added into club's individual tool kit by club as needed with newsletter copies)

Section X: Other County Information (to be added into club's individual tool kit as needed by club)