4-H Treasurer’s Report


March 2, 2020 -

The treasurer’s report informs members of the group’s financial activity since the last meeting. After completing a copy of the report, the treasurer circulates a copy of the report and the account statement at the group’s meeting. If the group did not establish an annual budget or an item is not covered in the budget, it will be necessary to present the bill to be paid in the next month to the group. This is one of the advantages of preparing a budget at the beginning of the year.

After the group has reviewed the treasurer’s report and verified that it is reconciled with the account statement, a member moves to accept the treasurer’s report; the motion is seconded and the group votes on the motion. Once the motion is approved, the secretary enters a copy of the treasurer’s report into the minutes. The treasurer keeps the account statements, invoices, receipts, Annual Financial Summary Reports and all receipt books in the group’s permanent records for at least seven years.

For additional information about completing this form, view the Financial Manual for 4-H Treasurers: Managing Money Wisely

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