Annual 4-H Financial Summary Report


March 2, 2020 -

The Annual Financial Summary Report lists a 4-H group’s financial activities during the program year (September 1 to August 31).

Why Is It Important?

Michigan 4-H Youth Development is part of Michigan State University Extension, which is part of Michigan State University. Thus, all funds raised in the name of 4-H are public monies and it is important that 4-H members and volunteers effectively manage funds raised as part of the activities of a 4-H group.

Additionally, for a 4-H group to maintain its tax-exempt status with the IRS, once a year, the county 4-H program coordinator or the group’s tax accountant will file an appropriate version of IRS Form 990 for the group. Since the “total income for the year” line on the group’s Annual Financial Summary Report is the basis on which the form is filed, it is imperative that the group’s Annual Financial Summary Report be turned in on the date specified by the county.

Who Must Complete It?

Any group, other than a 4-H SPIN club, that uses the 4-H name and emblem must complete and file a copy of this report whether or not it handled any money during the year. This means groups without a treasury – whether or not their participation fees pass through the group – must complete the form (with zero [0] balances) and submit it by the designated date. It is recommended that the group treasurer complete this report in conjunction with the group leader.

For additional information about completing this form, view the Financial Manual for 4-H Treasurers: Managing Money Wisely or the Financial Manual for 4-H Volunteers: Leading the Way to Financial Accountability

*Note: In order to use all features of the fillable form, please download the file and then open it with the Adobe program on your computer. Using the web version (within your browser) will restrict some of the capabilities of the form.


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