Our Research Network

A unique partnership between the MSU College of Human Medicine and MSU Extension was formed in 2014, with an emphasis on promoting and supporting research to improve health and to facilitate studies of the social determinants of health.

MSU Extension

MSU Extension’s statewide presence, with staff in nearly every county, creates opportunities for connections between these faculty members and the residents of Michigan.

  • MSU Extension staff have a trusted relationship, built over time, with many agencies and community groups that may be interested in being a part of research to help them improve their lives and the lives of others.
  • Many of the programs taught through MSU Extension are related to human health and well-being including nutrition, physical activity, diabetes and chronic disease management, preventing foodborne illness, dealing with stress and anger, and improving relationships.
  • MSU Extension staff work with researchers in the MSU Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Human Medicine, and Nursing as well as those in the Departments of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Human Development and Family Studies, and Kinesiology and researchers in the School of Psychology. 

MSU College of Human Medicine Community Campuses

MSU has one of the nation’s first community-based medical schools. Today, the MSU College of Human Medicine has seven community campuses with affiliated clinical sites in Michigan which has recently intensified research capacity through the hiring of public health scientists placed at these locations.

Researchers hired in these positions are arriving with funded projects, innovative concepts to implement in the communities, and a commitment to participate in a statewide research network. 

Community campus locations include:

  1. Flint
  2. Grand Rapids
  3. Lansing
  4. Midland Regional
  5. Traverse City
  6. Upper Peninsula Region
  7. Southeast Michigan (Southfield)