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For information on the MSU Model of Health Extension, or for inquiries about grant proposals or research partnerships with MSU Extension health and nutrition education staff, please contact MSU Extension's Health and Nutrition Institute Director, Dr. Cheryl Eschbach (cheryl@msu.edu).


Are you a health care provider?

Referring patients to free, online health classes offered by Michigan State University Extension just got easier! MSU Extension has joined the ReferralsPlus™ network, a secure online portal that allows health care providers to send referrals throughout Michigan. This referral system application was formerly called "Great Lakes Health Connect".

You can send referrals to the MSU Extension classes through ReferralsPlus™ using our tag: MSU Extension.

Currently, patient referrals are being accepted into the following MSU Extension health classes:

Stress Less With Mindfulness

RELAX: Alternatives to Anger

PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) self-management programs for chronic disease, diabetes, chronic pain