The 939-acre Fred Russ Forest allows researchers to conduct long-term research on Christmas tree seed production and other projects aimed at preserving the diversity and abundance of Michigan forests.

Established 1942

Forest products and Christmas trees are among the top 20 agricultural crops in Michigan. The 939-acre Fred Russ Forest allows researchers to conduct long-term research on Christmas tree seed production and other projects aimed at preserving the diversity and abundance of Michigan forests. The forest also features a 14-acre park that is open to the public for hiking, biking, fishing, cross-country skiing and horseback riding.

Fred Russ Experimental Forest now offers Spartan Pure Maple Syrup as part of a research effort in best practices for high-vacuum sap extraction. Spartan Pure Maple Syrup is made from pure maple sap, with no additives or preservatives. Now available at MSU Stores, MSU Surplus, Kellogg Biological Station and Kellogg Forest.

Enviro-Weather Report


  • An Enviro-weather station in Coldwater is one of more than 70 in Michigan designed to assist growers.

    Enviro-weather shows promise for growers of all kinds

    Published on June 11, 2013

    A 2011 survey of 1,000 fruit growers indicates that Enviro-weather helped to save at least $1.7 million in grower costs. Growers surveyed also indicated an estimated 7 million pounds in increased crop yield.