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Animal Project Registration Details

All registration forms are available as a fillable PDF on the NW MI Livestock Council website, under "Registration". Please download the file, type in the necessary information, and print the form to turn in at the appropriate livestock council meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please email the completed form to the email address listed at the bottom of the form. Forms are also available at the Grand Traverse County 4-H office. 

Market Steer/Heifer - Due at the January 4-H Livestock Council meeting 

Swine - Due at the February 4-H Livestock Council meeting 

Poultry, Lamb, Goat, Junior Beef and Dairy Feeder - Due at the March 4-H Livestock Council meeting

Market Rabbit, Horse and Llama/Alpaca - Due at May 4-H Livestock Council meeting

Dog - Due at the June 4-H Livestock Council meeting

Don't forget you also need to register with the fair! The premium books are available in June. Registration deadline is in July. Check out the fair website for more information.

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