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The 4-H online portal is available here: 
4-H Online 2.0
Family Guide to 4-H Enrollment

We are still able to accept paper enrollment forms for registration in 4-H Online. The links to both the youth member and adult volunteer forms are below if you would rather complete your registration this way. Once completed, mail to the 4-H office! If you need a form mailed to you, please contact the 4-H office at 231-922-4825

Section A: 4-H Overview

Guiding Principles
Defining Michigan 4-H
Using the 4-H Name and Emblem
4-H Online Enrollment Form
Youth Enrollment Form
Spanish Youth Enrollment Form
Adult Volunteer Enrollment Form
4-H Club Leader Log-in Instructions


Section B: Successful 4-H Clubs

Requirements for Existing 4-H Clubs
Characteristics of Effective 4-H Clubs
How to charter a new 4-H Club
Becoming an Authorized 4-H Group and Maintaining that Status
MI 4-H Request Charter Form
Grand Traverse County 4-H Club Management Guide

Section C: Club Development

MI 4-H Club Development Guide
4-H Club By-Laws
4-H By-Laws Template
Creating a Strong Purpose
Troubleshooting Common Club Issues
Michigan 4-H Member’s Personal Portfolio

Section D: Annual 4-H Paperwork: Due Each Fall 4-H Year

Annual Financial Summary Report
Annual 4-H Club Authorization Form
Meeting Minutes Template Form
Annual Civil Rights Compliance Statement Form

Section E: Club Meeting Resources

Basic Parliamentary Procedures for 4-H Clubs
Parliamentary Procedure: Voting
Parliamentary Procedure FAQ’s Part 2
Running an Election
4-H Teen Leadership
Group Building Ideas for Group Meetings

Section F: 4-H Policies

Responsibilities of Michigan 4-H Advisory Groups
Michigan 4-H Age Policy
Resources for Cloverbuds
Cloverbud Learning Guidelines
Child Abuse Reporting Protocol
Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Harm
Michigan State University Extension Guide for Inclusion

Section G: Community Service Resources

Community Service Program Page
Planning your Community Service Project

Section H: Curriculum and 4-H Apparel Resources

4-H Program Pages
4-H Project Snapshots
Record Book Guidelines
4-H At Home Activity Guides
Shop 4-H
National 4-H

Section I: Animal Project Registration Deadlines

All registration forms are available as a fillable PDF on the NW MI Livestock Council website, under "Registration". Please download the file, type in the necessary information, and print the form to turn in at the appropriate livestock council meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please email the completed form to the email address listed at the bottom of the form. Forms are also available at the Grand Traverse County 4-H office.

Market Steer/Heifer - Due at the January 4-H Livestock Council meeting

Swine - Due at the February 4-H Livestock Council meeting

Poultry, Lamb, Goat, Junior Beef and Dairy Feeder - Due at the March 4-H Livestock Council meeting

Market Rabbit, Horse and Llama/Alpaca - Due at the May 4-H Livestock Council meeting

Dog - Due at the June 4-H Livestock Council meeting

Don't forget you also need to register with the fair! The premium books are available in June. Registration deadline is in July. Check out the fair website for more information.