Agricultural Operations

The Agricultural Operations program at community college partners provides students with a solid background in plant and soil science, precision agriculture, water management, entomology, plant pathology and business management.

The program combines classroom instruction and theory with practical experience gained through field laboratories and an internship. Graduates of the program are prepared for a variety of careers in an exciting and growing industry.

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Areas of study include:

  • Farm management
  • Agricultural water resources management
  • Soil science
  • Precision agriculture technologies
  • Agricultural compliance and safety
  • Plant pathology

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Career Opportunities

Following graduation, students receive an MSU IAT certificate and associate degree from the related community college preparing them for the job market. If interested, students can also transfer into Michigan State University to earn a related bachelor’s degree.

Graduates find careers in a variety of farming and crop production industries based on their interests.

Some career paths include:

  • Equipment retail sales and service
  • Farm operations
  • Crop production management
  • Production service companies
  • Crop processing facilities


The Agricultural Operations certificate program is based at several partner community colleges:

Program requirements:

  • 60 credits (minimum of 34 MSU credits)
  • 3-4 semesters of classroom instruction
  • 1 semester off-campus internship

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Class sizes are small and students receive individualized instruction in addition to experiences at local facilities.


IAT coordinators help students find and secure organizations to mentor them as part of their required certificate program internship. Not only does this provide immediate on-the-job experience, but internships also help with networking and industry connections.

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