Hear what our students are saying about our online courses in food law and regulation!

"The MSU brand was pivotal in my decision-making process because reputations do matter, and Michigan State’s is clearly at the very top. The Michigan State programs – from the Master of Science, Master of Jurisprudence and the certificate programs in Food Law and Food Packaging – offer the working food safety professional the opportunity to build on their experience. There are multiple options to meet an individual’s needs/goals and the hectic schedules of the workplace."  

-- Barbara Hulick, Principal Consultant, The Aulbury Group LLC 

“The food law programs at MSU offer an opportunity to interact with a diverse range of professionals in the food industry, with students located in many parts of the world. The broad range of subject matter challenges the student to look at problems from a unique perspective and to critically examine and apply the wide range of available resources that can be found online and through traditional sources.

“After having participated in a course, you are left with a greater level of familiarity with the wide range of reference materials that exist and how to access and apply them in your everyday work.”

 -- Michael Richardson, Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

"There are concerns in our industry, as I am sure all around the world, that things are changing so fast it is hard to keep up... I've been asked 'Do you really think online training can work?' To which I could honestly say a big “YES” - I have experienced it through MSU!"

 -- Norah-Ann Hayes, Operations Manager, Consumer Testing Services 

Anonymous comments from our course evaluations: 

  • Our company has a policy of only reimbursing online courses at 50 percent, because they cannot match the face-to-face quality of the classroom.  Using many examples from your class, I convinced them to make an exception for MSU Food Law courses!
  • It is overwhelming managing a young family, working full time and completing class work. However, this class was manageable. I am really excited to continue my studies.
  • What I’ve learned so far in this course about how to maneuver through the Codex website, and how to interpret the titles of the documents, is like being handed the solution to a maze! 
  • It was humbling finding out how much I didn’t understand about our legal framework.
  • Thanks to this course, now I´m able to provide information related to regulatory, import-export, ecological issues, cultural and even religious to my internal and external customers.
  • How much do I believe in the value of this program? I have had 4 people in my office take it and paid for them with our limited training funds.
  • Of particular interest to me were the case studies and examples from industry because it shows the laws and regulations practically applied.
  • I loved this course!  For the first time ever, I am sort of sad that a class is ending. 
  • I definitely learned a lot and appreciated the high expectations and challenges from our professor to think critically.  I am not the same person now as I was in January. 
  • Before I took this class I had a pretty vague idea of what Codex was, now I have a much clearer understanding of Codex, how it operates, and how to take part and contact relevant bodies on certain issues.
  • I use the information I have gained just about every day in my current position.
  • This class was my first class in about 20 years. I am extremely impressed with the online learning system and found the class engaging and useful.  
  • I have encouraged my colleagues to consider this program as part of their development. 
  • The details and understanding of our country’s legal system will help with future interactions with managers, colleagues and customers.
  • I thought that the course was well balanced between readings, lectures, and student/professor interaction.