In order to get the information you need fast, please look online before sending an email. Many questions can be found by utilizing the site search tool. Please:

  • Search MSU Extension’s website by using the search box (located on the top right of the screen)
  • If you have questions related to a news article or event posting, please send them directly to the contacts provided. Please include the URL of the article or event you are referring to.

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You can submit questions directly to MSU Extension through Ask Extension where your inquiry will be shared throughout our entire statewide network of educators and specialists. If MSU Extension can't find an answer for you directly, we will then share your questions with a nationwide network of experts in the Cooperative Extension system. 

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MSU Extension Staff Contact Information

  • Contact information for MSU Extension leadership is available on the MSU Extension Leadership page.
  • Use the MSU Extension “Find an Expert” tool to locate MSU Extension field staff member by name, to find someone within MSU Extension that has expertise on a particular county, area of interest, or by using keywords associated with their area of expertise. This does not include campus-based staff.
  • Use the MSU People Search for campus-based faculty and staff.
  • Visit the MSU Extension county page and click a county name for phone and email contact information for any county office.

Media Inquiries

Website Assistance

  • If you have general questions related to the MSU Extension website, please contact the MSU Extension website team at
  • If you have technical questions related to the MSU Extension website, please visit ANR Technology Services and email the Web Administrator.

Employment Opportunities with MSU Extension

All open MSU Extension positions are now posted on the Michigan State University Applicant Page. Please visit the MSU jobs page and, if you’re looking for Extension positions, click MSU Extension under Fast Job Search or click on Search Postings and select MSU Extension under Job Category.

Questions may be addressed to the Extension Human Resources office at or 517-353-9108.

MSU Extension Bookstore

For questions about publications or items found in the MSU Extension Bookstore, please contact at:
800-709-9195 (Toll Free) 517-353-6740, fax 517-353-7168

Social Media

Stay in contact with MSU Extension, and join in the conversation about the issues that matter to you most:

If you are interested in connecting with your county office on social media, visit the "Contact Us" page for your county page

Culturally Inclusive College Reporting System

MSU Extension and the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) are committed to a culturally inclusive, safe and supportive environment that is free from any and all forms of discrimination, bias, stereotyping, harassment and assault. (See more in the CANR DEI Statement.)

The Culturally Inclusive College (CIC) Sharing System was developed to allow CANR to track and respond to behaviors and situations that work in favor or against our goals of a safe and supportive environment.