2019 M-AAA funded projects

Grants are awarded in one of three categories: research, extension or seed.


  • Saturated buffers: A water conservation practice for reducing phosphorus loss from manure sources - Ehsan Ghane 
  • Comparison of duration and antibiotic choices for treatment of non‐severe gram‐positive bovine mastitis - Pamela Ruegg
  • Can nutritional supplementation improve transition cow health by mitigating oxidative stress? - Lorraine Sordillo‐Gandy
  • Enhancing healthfulness and demand of Michigan produced beef - Jason Rowntree
  • Solving floor egg laying in aviaries: Can temporary litter restriction retrain hens without impacting welfare? - Ahmed Ali
  • Increasing the use of non‐forage fiber sources in mid and late lactation dairy cows to improve milk production and feed efficiency - Adam Lock
  • Impact of carcass reduction and composting mixing on potential for aerosol dispersion of virus and the expediency and effectiveness of the composting process in destroying the virus - Zachary Williams
  • Categorizing joint damage associated with circular exercise to prevent injuries to horses - Brian Nielsen
  • Integrating Lamb Grazing Systems with Crop Production for Michigan - Kim Cassida
  • Food safety control methods for uncured reduced oxygen packaged meat products - Jeannine Schweihofer
  • The welfare of laying hens in non‐cage aviaries: Effects of inter‐bird distances and flock synchrony on hens’ ability to perform key behaviors across 4 different strains of laying hens - Ahmed Ali
  • Enhancing maternal recognition of pregnancy in lactating dairy cows to enhance profit on dairy farms - James Pursley
  • Integrated management of ear rot and associated mycotoxin contamination of corn in Michigan - Maninderpal Singh


  • Workforce development through competitive judging opportunities - Taylor Fabus
  • Creation of web-based poultry education center - Zachary Williams
  • Building relationships and identifying the needs of Michigan horse industry stakeholders - Christine Skelly
  • Emergency response preparedness and training resources for first responders for accidents and/or emergencies that involve livestock - Elizabeth Ferry


  • Impact of late‐gestation maternal metabolic stress on neonatal dairy calf immunity and disease susceptibility - Angel Abuelo
  • Mechanism and possible mitigation of effect of body condition loss on dairy cow fertility - Keith Latham
  • Identification of biomarkers associated with bovine leukemia virus (BLV) in dairy cattle - Tasia Taxis