2022 M-AAA funded projects

Grants are awarded in one of three categories: research, extension or seed.


  • Improving Resistance to Bovine Respiratory Disease in Neonatal Calves through Heterologous Prime-Boost Vaccination – Angel Abuelo
  • Understanding the public’s attitudinal acceptance of precision livestock farming in the swine industry: a longitudinal survey in 3 US states – Babatope Akinyemi
  • Impact of speed and circle diameter on bone and joint health during circular exercise – Brian Nielsen
  • Improving beef cattle production with guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) supplement – Jongkyoo Kim
  • Reducing Antibiotic usage for mastitis treatments – Pamela Ruegg
  • Tracking dairy cow inflammation post-calving and exploring potential of omega-3 fatty acids – Barry Bradford
  • Increasing milk fat yield by understanding nutrient interactions in the mammary gland – Adam Lock
  • Combined Forces: Collaboration between Michigan State University and Kansas State University to Investigate Bovine Leukemia Virus Prevalence and Transmission in Young Beef Cattle – Tasia Kendrick
  • A novel subunit mucosal vaccine for bovine tuberculosis – Srinand Sreevatsan
  • The effects of intra-articular steroid administration on the metabolic profile of normal and insulin-resistant horses – Aimee Colbath
  • Development and Selection of Effective Best Practice Technologies for Michigan Meat Processing Wastewater – Jeannine Schweihofer
  • Automated Targeted Interventions to Reduce Eggs Laid in the Litter – Daniel Morris
  • Enhancing fertility with sexed semen in heifers and cows to improve outcomes with genetic inventory management strategies in dairy herds – James Pursley
  • Management of tar spot in corn silage – Martin Chilvers
  • Impacts of Ten Years of Adaptive Grazing Management at Lake City Research Center: An Investigation of Soil Carbon Sequestration and Life Cycle Assessment – Jason Rowntree


  • Manure Event Inventory Project – Charles Gould
  • Updating the MSUE Beef Ultrasound Scanning Service – Daniel Buskirk
  • Training and programming enhancement for interactive beef and pork carcass cutting and evaluation – Jeannine Schweihofer
  • Preparing Michigan's Animal Agriculture Industry for Foreign Animal Disease – Elizabeth Ferry
  • Benchmarking Antibiotic Usage to Promote Antimicrobial Stewardship on Michigan Dairy Farms – Pamela Ruegg


  • Influence of systemic treatment of dairy cows with ceftiofur or ampicillin on fecal abundance of resistant bacteria and selected resistance genes – Pamela Ruegg
  • Mechanism and possible mitigation of viral impacts on bovine oocyte quality and fertility – Keith Latham
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as inhibitors of fat mobilization in periparturient dairy cows’ adipocytes – Andres Contreras
  • Pilot study to develop a model of hypocalcemia in laying hens – Mayra Tsoi
  • Impact of pre milking period on delayed milk ejection and milk production – Paola Bacigalupo Sanguesa
  • Can milk bioactive peptides alleviate hepatic inflammation? – Zheng Zhou