2023 M-AAA funded projects

Grants are awarded in one of three categories: research, extension or seed.


  • Effect of corn silage inclusion rate in the finishing diet on feedlot performance, carcass characteristics, and liver abscess prevalence of Beef x Dairy and Holstein steers - Jared Jaborek
  • Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Technology to Advance Grazing Management and Reduce Livestock Methane Emissions - Jason Rowntree
  • Impacts of Floor Laying Prevention Strategies on Egg Quality and Hen Responses - Janice Siegford
  • Can we increase milk component yields by feeding lower starch and higher sugar diets to high producing dairy cows? - Adam Lock
  • Can we reduce methane emissions from lactating dairy cows by feeding specific supplemental fatty acid blends? - Michael Vandehaar
  • Understanding Farmer Preferences for Policy Reforms that Address Labor Scarcity in Michigan’s Dairy Industry - Zach Rutledge
  • Do genotypes and milk spectral wavelengths associated with milk fat synthesis and feed efficiency interact with dairy cow diets supplemented with fatty acids? - Robert Tempelman
  • Defining and developing guidelines for prebreeding nutritional management of prolific sheep - Richard Ehrhardt
  • Efficacious or a waste of money? Determining if a glucosamine-containing joint supplement actually benefits joints - Brian Nielsen
  • Utilize Light Scattering Imaging Technology to Non-destructively Detect Woody Breast Syndrome in Poultry Meat - Yuzhen Lu
  • Optimizing a nano-biosensor for rapid detection of the African swine fever - Evangelyn Alocilja
  • Determining why considerable changes in fertility occur when dairy heifers transition to lactating cows: Is it the egg or uterine environment? - Richard Pursley
  • A comprehensive economic assessment of the market potential for high-oleic soybean feed in Michigan’s dairy cattle market - Vincenzina Caputo
  • Modeling the path forward for smaller Michigan dairy farms - Barry Bradford
  • Evaluating animal health and economic consequences of a herd-level no-antibiotic treatment policy for clinical mastitis - Pamela Ruegg
  • Identifying feed efficient cows using urinary metabolism biomarkers - Zheng Zhou


  • Automating animal data collection and providing real-time user information visualization in an established Extension program - Daniel Buskirk
  • Training of Veterinarians in the Early Diagnosis of Bovine Respiratory Disease Utilizing Lung Ultrasound - Angel Abuelo
  • Developing nutritional management tools and educational resources for sheep producers - Richard Ehrhardt


  • Cannabinoids modulate the inflammatory profile of macrophages and their metabolic effects on adipocytes in dairy cattle - Andres Contreras
  • Metabolic changes of weaned pigs in response to non-nutritive artificial sweetener - Kwangwook Kim
  • Reducing risk of fatty liver in dairy cows by supplementing aromatic amino acids - Zheng Zhou