For Extension Master Gardener Trainees

Participants in the Extension Master Gardener Training program may view the following videos to make up classes missed or review class content. Videos are password protected. Individual trainees can obtain the password for the specific training materials from their local coordinator. 

MG002 Plant Science

MG003 Soils    

MG004 Lawns 

MG005 Small Fruit 

MG006 Tree Fruit 

Supplementary Material: Tree Fruit

Growing systems, industry trends, rootstocks, weeds
Training and pruning
Continuation of pruning principles and discussion of systems
Apple vertical axe growing system training & pruning
Apple vertical axe growing system continued
Training peaches to vertical x or y system
Peaches: introduction, primary pruning
Growing grapes

MG007 Vegetable Gardening    

MG008 Woody Ornamentals

MG009 Annuals and Perennials   

MG010 Indoor Plants

MG011 Household and Nuisance Pests

Supplementary Material: Household and Nuisance Pests

Structural, fabric & pantry pest, ants 
Year round occupants: roaches, book lice, larder beetles, drain flies etc.
Summer invaders: flies, strawberry root weevil, earwigs, springtails, millipedes, etc. 
Fall invaders: Boxelder bugs, Asian lady beetle, cluster flies, grain beetles, etc.  
Winter cutworms, stone flies, spiders, wasps 
Submitting samples photos etc.

MG012 Integrated Pest Management

MG013 Diagnostics

MG014 Gardening to Protect Water Resources