Courses in Meat Science

Several courses are offered in the area of meat science through both the Department of Animal Science and the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Check the Schedule of Courses for offerings, times, and the official descriptions.

ANS 201 - Animal Products, 3 credits - In this course, students develop an understanding of food safety, processing, distribution, and the use of meat, milk, and eggs in manufactured products.  Not open to freshmen.

ANS 201L - Animal Products Laboratory, 1 credit -- Students apply many of the objectives of the ANS 201 lecture, leaning how to use meat lab equipment, make a variety of sausages, break down carcasses, and make dairy products.

FSC 433 - Food Processing: Muscle Foods, 3 credits - A more in-depth study of manufacturing practices, product formulation, and quality control of fresh, frozen, and cured meats and fish.  Not open to freshmen or sophomores.