Program Calendar

The 2024 MI Ag Ideas to Grow With virtual program included the sessions below. Sessions were recorded and are available for viewing by clicking the session titles below.






February 19
1 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Beginning Vegetables

6 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Top 10 FAQs from MI Horse Owners
February 20
12 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Organic Farming, Certified or Not!

1 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: The Three Fs of Farmland: Finding it, Funding it and the Future of It!

2 p.m. - PRESERVING MI HARVEST - Canning Basics

6 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE - Getting Started with Beekeeping

February 21
12 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Brainstorming Farm Goals and How to Make Them Happen

1 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Enterprise Budgeting for Beginning Farm Decision-Makers

1 p.m. - Preserving MI Harvest: Preserving Tomatoes and Salsa

2 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Beginning Fruit

6 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Cattle Checkup - How to Complete
A General Cattle Health Exam

6 p.m. - PRESERVING MI HARVEST: Starting a Successful Cottage Food Law Business (2-hr workshop)
February 22
8 a.m. - FIELD CROPS: Breaking Down Nutrient Cycling in Cover Crops

9 a.m. - FIELD CROPS: Alternative Methods of Weed Control

10 a.m. - FIELD CROPS: IPM Tools in Field Crops

11 a.m. - FIELD CROPS: Vertebrae Pest Management in Field Crops

1 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: The Rotation Effect

2 p.m. BEGINNING FARMER: What MSU Extension Can Do For You

6 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE - Bowling Balls, Brushes and Branches: Improving Animal Care by Providing Enrichment Opportunities for Your Animals
February 23
12 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Beyond the Farmers Market: Evaluating Direct Market Channel Opportunities
February 26
10 a.m. - VEGETABLE: Pollinator Stewardship for Farmers, Growers and Gardeners

6 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: An Introduction to Grazing Management

7 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Managing Small Laying Hen Flocks
February 27
9 a.m. - WATER: The Art of Irrigation scheduling

10 a.m. - WATER: The Value of Irrigation Uniformity and Sprinkler Choice

10 a.m. - VEGETABLE: What do Plants Crave?

11 a.m. - WATER: Irrigation Electrical Safety

12 p.m. - WATER: Review of 2023 Irrigation Research

12 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Soil Health for Beginers: Caring for Your Farm from the Ground Up

1 p.m. - WATER: Building Your Skills with Michigan's Large Volume Water Use Registration and Reporting Tool

2 p.m. - WATER: Upgrades to Older Pivot Control Systems and 360 Rain - A Quick Look at the Robotic Irrigation and Nutrient Application System

3 p.m. - WATER: The Prairie River Water Use Issue - State Agency and User Group Round Table

6 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Small Batch Cheese Making

7 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Management Over Medication - Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Livestock Herd on Your Small Livestock Farm
February 28
9 a.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Farm Budgets - Growing Your Farm Into a Business

10 a.m. - VEGETABLE: What's Wrong with My Vegetable?

6 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Grain Processing and its Effects on Rumen Health in Beef Cattle
February 29
10 a.m. - VEGETABLE: The World Under Our Feet - Biological Soil Health in Vegetable Production

6 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Mitigating Herd Diseases Through Surface Water Management

7 p.m. - ANIMAL AGRICULTURE: Pasture Poultry
March  1
10 a.m. - VEGETABLE: Becoming an Insect Investigator

12 p.m. - BEGINNING FARMER: Commercial Hydroponic Production - Essential Information for Equipment Purchases