Past Events

August 12 - Noon to 6pm  - in Detroit. Meet in the Street: Mural - Music - Mingle

On August 12, we gathered in the Brightmoor neighborhood in Detroit at the Cross Pollination Project and celebrated the work of the community who created a street mural painting project, with financial support from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. The team is now creating a large game board mural around this butterfly mural designed by Charles "Chazz" Miller. This mural will be connected with a neighborhood trail that highlights the Urban Tea House. Working with Rosalyn Flint, we are excited to see all the progress she and her team are making and look forward to future projects together.

April 1 - 7:00pm - in Charlotte

On April 1, celebrate with us at Windwalker Underground Gallery in Charlotte for an unveiling of a magnificent sculpture created by our Windwalker team with glass (an expertise) donated by Craig Mitchell Smith. Stay for a concert celebration by the Tia Imani Hanna Project, with Tia, Carolyn Koebel and Elden Kelly. Experience their unique style of improvised music, performed as only they can! Ticket information at

April 23 - 5:00pm - in Detroit

On April 23, join us for a tribute to Sarah Vaughan, "Me & Sarah" performed by Naima Shamborguer, with actor John Hardy, Ian Finklestein, piano, Ibraheim Jones on bass, Vincent Bowen on reeds, Cassius Richman on reeds and George Davidson on drums at St. Matthew and St. Joseph Episcopal Church in Detroit. This concert is co-sponsored by the Detroit Bureau of Sound.
Tickets available at

April 26 - 7:00pm - in West Bloomfield

On April 26, hear Naima Shamborguer celebrate jazz by performing standards with Cliff Monear at the piano, Jeff Padraz on bass and Kayvon Gordon on drums at the gorgeous Steinway Piano Gallery in West Bloomfield all in support of the Morrice High School Band! Proceeds will support this amazing group of young musicians.Tickets available at the door or call Diane at 517-898-4046 or email

April 30 - 6:00pm - in East Lansing

On April 30, join Michigan ArtShare and the Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan as they bring the "Me & Sarah" performance to East Lansing! This is a chance to hear and see fantastic Detroit jazz at the Community Music School in East Lansing. You can also enjoy an art exhibition by Michigan artist, Diane DeMott. This is your chance to celebrate Jazz with people who know and support jazz! We can't wait! Tickets available at