Aquatic Plant Management

Aquatic and riparian plants are a natural part of a healthy lake ecosystem.  However, active plant management may be necessary to maintain desired lake conditions or to control aggressive or nuisance species.

Below are several resources that describe plant management techniques for Michigan’s inland lakes.  You can also refer to our pages on Lake Ecology, Invasive Species, Permitting, Shoreline Development, and the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership for more information that suits your needs.

A Citizen’s Guide for the Identification, Mapping and Management of the Common Rooted Aquatic Plants of Michigan Lakes - by H.D. Wandell and L.G. Wolfson, Michigan State Univesity Extension WQ-55.

Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants - L.A. Gettys, W.T. Haller, and M. Bellaud, eds., Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation.