The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) is a regulatory agency.  Its purpose is environmental protection, which is facilitated through the use of the permitting function.  Permits are issued for various reasons by a number of different divisions within DEQ.  The “Type of Permit Actions” below identifies the type of permit issued; it is fairly accurate in describing the actual permit subject.  In order for the item to be listed as a permit in this table, it needed to possess the following specific characteristics:

1) It had to be required by statute;

2) Its issuance had to give authority to conduct a specific activity, and

3) DEQ had to provide a decision based on established criteria.

The DEQ reviews and grants permits for many activities related to or affecting lake, stream and wetland systems.  Permits are required under Michigan and Federal laws for many activities that may impact Michigan’s water resources including shoreline development, herbicide and pesticide applications, and water withdrawal.  Before you begin work or alterations on your property that directly or indirectly impact water resources check the DEQ website to see if a permit is required.


DEQ Environmental Permits, Licenses, and Certifications

DEQ - Coastal and Inland Waters Permit Information System (CIWPIS)

Searchable database that provides summaries of Land/Water Joint Permit applications (JPA) received since 1999.  Searchable by water body, jurisdiction, status, and other categories.

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