• Oct 11

    Michigan Cottage Food Law - Oct. 11, 2023

    October 11, 2023 6:00PM – 8:00PM Zoom Webinar

    The Michigan Cottage Food Law, Food safety practices related to producing cottage foods and how to start a cottage food business.

  • Oct 11

    Online Kinship Caregiver Workshops: Helping Kids Manage Stress

    October 11, 2023 7:00PM – 8:30PM Online; 7-8:30pm ET

    The MSU Kinship Care Resource Center and MSU Extension partner to offer free online series of kinship caregiver workshops that provides guidance for caregivers of children as they navigate the challenges, joys, and concerns of raising children.

  • Oct 12

    Preserving MI Harvest-Preserving Venison

    October 12, 2023 1-2 p.m. and 6-7 p.m. ET Zoom Webinar

    Preserving venison must be done using a pressure canner. Learn how to safely can, freeze, and dehydrate venison and where to find research-based recipes.

  • Oct 12

    Changing Negative Self Talk Sterling Heights Public Library

    October 12, 2023 5:00PM – 6:00PM 40255 Dodge Park Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

    During this workshop, participants will learn about the brain’s negativity bias and how it affects our response to stress. In addition, we will talk about the benefits of positive self-talk and explore tools for dealing with negative self-talk.

  • Oct 13

    Caring for the Caregiver-Chaldean Community Foundation

    October 13, 2023 12:00PM – 1:00PM 3601 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

    During this workshop we explore the many ways informal care giving affects a caregivers mental and physical health. Learn the importance of self-care for caregivers.

  • Oct 16

    Building Resilience to Avoid Burnout

    October 16, 2023 11:30AM – 12:30PM

    During this workshop we will: Learn to recognize symptoms of burnout. Discuss occupational burnout. Building resiliency to avoid burnout.

  • Oct 16

    Safe Food = Healthy Kids Online Class Oct 16 & 17

    October 16, 2023 – October 17, 2023 1 PM - 2:30 PM (two-part class) each day Virtual Zoom

    Safe Food = Healthy Kids is an interactive food safety workshop for childcare providers.

  • Oct 16

    Food Safety Q&A: Food Safety Risks of Unpasteurized Cider

    October 16, 2023 1:00PM – 1:30PM

    Join MSU Extension food safety educators as they dive into food safety topics each week and answer your questions.

  • Oct 16

    Building Strong Adolescents Webinar Series October-November 2023

    October 16, 2023 7:30PM – 9:30PM 7:30pm-9:30pm EST online

    Building Strong Adolescents is a FREE online course for parents of adolescents ages 9-16 to learn strategies for helping teens develop the assets they need to be successful.

  • Oct 17

    10/17/23 Virtual Mental Health First Aid

    October 17, 2023 8:30AM – 4:30PM Zoom

    The 10/17/23 Virtual Mental Health First Aid certification course is for adults 18 years and older who hope to learn how to assist other adults experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis.