Community Outreach & Recognitions


The Spartan Stampede Rodeo has been chosen by the membership of the International Professional Rodeo Association as Indoor Rodeo of the Year seven times!  This is made possible by the hard work of our members, our partnership with Twisted P Rodeo Company, the great competitors, our faithful sponsors, and the great rodeo fans that attend the Stampede!

Beyond that, the Michigan State University Department of Student Life recognizes accomplishments by registered student organizations at the annual Student Life Leadership Awards Reception.  In both 2009 and 2017, presidents of the MSU Rodeo Club were selected as “Leader of the Year”!!!  Additionally, the Rodeo Club has been recognized with the following:

    • 2024 Gold Award Winner for Outstanding Service Organization
    • 2024 Gold Award Winner for Outstanding Professional Organization
    • 2017  Spartan Silver Award Winner for Outstanding Service Organization
    • 2017  Honorable Mention for Outstanding Professional Organization
    • 2016  Spartan Silver Award Winner for Outstanding Service Organization
    • 2015  Spartan Silver Award Winner for Outstanding Professional Organization
    • 2015  Honorable Mention for Student Organization Achievement
    • 2015  Honorable Mention for Outstanding Service Organization

Given there are over 900 registered student organizations on the MSU campus, these achievements are extraordinary! Though some of the recognition is for the quality of our rodeo, much of it is for the club’s civic activities.  

Community Outreach

The Michigan State University Rodeo Club values community outreach. The club supports the sport of rodeo and western heritage, which leads members to reach out to the community to speak on rodeo in full western attire.HOCOParade

Hoco Parade 23 Hoco Parade 23

The club and its members visit many resident facilities each year. Along with being in multiple Parades for the Community. Oftentimes for the resident facilities visits we bring along horses, dogs, or other farm animals as a treat to all involved. The club loves to hear the residents' stories, and enjoys speaking with the residents about rodeo and member experiences.

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Nursing Home 1 - 2023

Each year, the club also holds a Youth Day to reach out to the next generation. At Youth Day, children learn about rodeo and each sport involved. Sometimes club members teach the children to rope along with other rodeo-related activities, hoping to inspire them to dig deeper into rodeo knowledge or even a newly-found passion.