Queen Pageant

Every year, the MSU Rodeo Club hosts a rodeo queen pageant and the winner of this pageant holds an IPRA queen title of Miss Michigan State Rodeo Queen. Women involved in the Rodeo Club are able to compete in the pageant. The winning queen has the ability to travel the United States to other IPRA rodeos to represent the MSU Rodeo Club. The title is held for 1 year and each winning queen can only win once. Once the current queen has won, she cannot run again. Throughout the competition, the girls will be asked to do an interview, speech, formal and casual modeling, horsemanship, and a written exam. Queen contestants are expected to have their hair and make-up done at all times and are required to wear western attire. For more information, please e-mail us at rodeo@msu.edu. Other contact information can be found under the “Contact Us” tab.

Olivia Smith Rodeo Queen

2024-2025 Miss Michigan State Rodeo Queen Olivia Smith is pictured above.

Previous Miss Michigan State Rodeo Queens:

2023 Brook Del Bosque    
2020-2021 Caitlyn Havelka 2022 Brianna Horne
2019 Lilly Manning 1997 Jennifer Anderson
2018 Khalilah Smith 1996 Jennifer McGuire
2017 Jessica Clark 1995 Amanda (Nash) Teachworth
2016 Claire Daugherty 1994 Nora Effmyer
2015 Megan Mearing 1993  Krista Crainer
2014 Kathryn Kendall 1992 Rachel Otts
2013 Mindy Hill 1991 Theresa Anne Britton
2013 Kaitlynn Poll 1990 Kelly Block
2012 Amanda Freis 1989 Mary Vanderwal
2011 Nicole Simons 1988 Kim (Vanderkelen) Wagaster
2010 Danielle Plaermo 1987 Julie (Mackie) Rector
2009 Shajnett Huffman 1986 Kathy Wade
2008 Katie Mills 1985 Jackie (Elliot) Momont
2007 Jessica Strand 1984 Kim Pugh
2006 Jan Hunt 1983 Linne (Gordon) Bunn
2005 Jessica Main 1982 Harmony (Holl) Nowlin
2004 Andrea Sagady 1981 Doreen Crawley
2003 Jennifer Hill 1980 Dawn (Crowell) Gawel
2002 Jessica Kitchen 1979 Donna (Toth) Keller
2001 Robyn Zalewski-Burelle 1978 Diane Efting
2000 Jamey (Patterson) Huffman 1977 Sue (Wolf) Sharp
1999 Abbey (Warren) Miller 1976 Laura (Balay) Murray
1998 Stacey Fischer 1975 Sue (Wolf) Sharp
     1974 Sue (Frost) Bloom