• Resources for Farms Impacted by Flooding

    Published on June 1, 2020

    During times of extreme weather, resources exist for agriculture producers in Michigan. This document serves as a tool to help farmers quickly identify what resources are available and where they can be found.

  • Poison ivy – Toxicodendron radicans and rybergii

    Published on May 29, 2020

    Along with photos, identification and distribution information, this bulletin (E3438) also discusses the irritant substance urushiol and nonchemical and chemical control options.

  • BeLEAF It or Not! 10: How do trees regenerate?

    Published on June 26, 2019

    This is another one that may surprise you! It's NOT just about seeds. Trees reproduce through several methods under a variety of optimal environmental conditions. Different tree species have different regeneration requirements.

  • BeLEAF It or Not! 8: Crowns, Trunks and Roots

    Published on June 26, 2019

    Much of what makes a tree is the basic structure and form. The crown (leaves) does the photosynthesis. The trunk provides advantageous height to the crown and transports food and fluids. The roots provide stability and absorb water and nutrients.

  • BeLEAF It or Not! 7: The Carbon Cycle and the Forest!

    Published on June 26, 2019

    Forests play a big role in Earth’s carbon cycle. Most of life consists of carbon-based molecules. Understanding the role of trees and forests contributes to a better understanding of climate change.