Certificate Training for Organizations

The National Charrette Institute can bring our Certificate Trainings to your organization, saving your staff significant time and money. Your organization can provide up to four case studies to be worked on during the training, making this customized and effective on-the-job training.

Depending on the number of participants, it may be more cost effective to host your own organizational training instead of attending one of our individual trainings. Train your staff, while planning your projects:

Leave with Your Projects Planned

  • The NCI customizes the training to include up to four of your projects as case studies.
  • Each team takes a project through guiding principles to charrette scheduling.

Build Team Learning

  • Your key staff receive certificate training through collaborative, team-building exercises.
  • The training provides a unique opportunity for your team members to understand one another and their roles in the project.

Learn How to Plan, Manage, and Facilitate Successful Charrettes

The National Charrette Institute is pleased to announce the biggest revision to its curriculum since its development. In response to participant feedback over the years and a changing climate within which we work for positive community transformation, NCI is launching a its new Complete Charrette System certificate training, which combines its System training with its Advanced management course and adds new content. The biggest changes include

  • Incorporating management and facilitation skills into the Charrette System Training. This inclusion means that the Advanced course is currently suspended.
  • Value-add content from expert partners on public participation, facilitation, dealing with conflict, and equity and inclusion.
  • The Complete Charrette System Certificate course provides all of the content required to successfully prepare for, manage, and conduct a charrette.

Your staff will learn to activate the unique creative potential of all stakeholders by embedding them in the design process to co-create a transformative plan, while saving time and money. Whether working on a community design, public policy or a company’s strategic plan, this course will equip your team with a flexible, yet replicable, systematic project management process.

Who should take this training?

This training is ideal for teams involved in transforming communities and organizations, those charged with managing charrettes, or who may hire a consultant to conduct a charrette, including city and regional planners, public health staff, developers, architects, land and transportation planning consultants, citizen advocates, directors and project managers.

The NCI trainings consistently attract top practitioners in the field from across the U.S. and abroad. Based on past evaluations, 95% of participants report that they regularly apply what they learned in NCI certificate trainings to their daily practice.


The NCI Complete Charrette Certification Training is offered in two modalities for organizations:

In-Person: The 3-day training is limited to 40 participants. Masks are currently required. Click here to learn more about in-person training for organizations.

Online-Synchronous: This training blends ~10 hours of independent, online learning with 12 hours of virtual labs where participants practice charrette preparation exercises. Click here to learn more about synchronous online training for organizations

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about what a NCI Charrette is and understand its evolution and adaptability.
  • Recognize where the charrette lies on the public participation spectrum and key challenges a charrette can address.
  • Learn about a model for community in reach.
  • Explore ways to work effectively and authentically across differences.
  • Recognize the 10 key characteristics and three phases of the NCI Charrette process.
  • Explore the notion of cultural competency development being on a continuum.
  • Generate program and policy examples at different levels of cultural competency.
  • Practice skills, tools and techniques to prepare for and facilitate an inclusive NCI Charrette or other engagement process.
  • Recognize tools available to help a community achieve charrette readiness.
  • Know best practices for planning meetings within a charrette.
  • Practice visioning design exercises employed within charrettes.
  • Explore how guidelines can help build trust during a charrette.
  • Practice facilitation of meetings within a charrette.


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