Lightning Talks

Lessons Learned from a Multi-County Partnership

Kraig Tweed, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

In 2010 six counties in northeast Iowa came together to form a multi-county partnership. This session will provide a brief look back as to why this partnership was created, the partnership organizational structure, staffing and turnover, funding sources, who is leading who, and why it is important to have had discussion regarding an exit strategy.

Everything I Learned About Leadership I Learned From Playing Guitar

Michael Compton, Science of Agriculture/STEM Director University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development

This energetic lightning talk will introduce the audience to the influence that playing a musical instrument can have in personal leadership development. Find out how personal experiences and the challenge of dedicating oneself to learning to play guitar and creating music with other musicians can play a vital role in evolving effective leadership strategies and styles.


5 Rules to live by as a Supervisor

Kristi Evans, Michigan State University Extension

1.) Never make your staff do anything that you wouldn't do yourself
2.) Your Job is to make their job easier (I scratch your back, You scratch mine)
3.) They are the Pros, learn from them.
4.) Take the punch, if it protects the staff.
5.) Never go a day without making someone on your staff smile or laugh.