2016 IIDA Competition: The Beat

2016 IIDA Competition: The Beat by Tina Alati

Author: Tina Alati

Class: IDES 352 Interior Design Synthesis II


This luxury hotel restaurant/bar project by Tina Alati was entered in the 2016 IIDA Klise Manufacturing Student Competition. Alati received honorable mention for this project.

Concept Statement

The Beat will embody culture through music, architecture and food. Formulated on beat music itself, its lead will be the Beatles’ timeless class and rhythm, capturing their lifetime of music from underground gigs in Liverpool to world-renowned performances. Its rhythm will be created through the use of light and dark contrast, adhering with the elements of a three-dimensional black and white photograph of the Beatles’ humble beginnings, which carried them through their most glorious days. Its bass will be the architecture that envelops the space and intimately reflects the historic streets of Liverpool through Georgian and Victorian stylistic elements. Its drum will echo a heartbeat from the livelihood created within its walls. It will create a nostalgic sound of The Beatles that echoes a timeless rhythm, legacy and love.

Project Profile

Beat music was a movement in 1960s England that combined the sounds of rock & roll, doo-wop, skiffle and r & b; it formulated a new sound through lead, rhythm and bass guitars with drums. Beat music was the spark that eventually ignited The British Invasion, and spread a new rhythm to America and to the world. Before the ignition, beat music smoldered in the underground clubs of Liverpool, England, and produced one of the most iconic bands ever in history: The Beatles. The Beat will be located in Liverpool, England: Home of The Beatles and the birthplace of Beat Music. The Beat will reflect the Victorian and Georgian architecture that is heavily present in the historic city. With a mild climate all year round, The Beat will capture an abundance of natural light and will offer outdoor dining. The Beat will be accessible and accommodating to all with adherence to ADA guidelines and the International Building Codes. It will embrace guest parties from one to 18 people, and will have a maximum capacity of 78 seats.




This board (1 of 4) by Tina Alati features an original logo, images of inspiration, a project profile and concept statement, a rendered floor plan, and furniture selections.






This board (2 of 4) by Tina Alati features a reflected ceiling plan, lighting selections, trim selections, four AutoCAD elevations, and two rendered perspective views.











This board (3 of 4) by Tina Alati features four rendered elevations, and images of inspiration.












This board (4 of 4) by Tina Alati features four rendered perspective views.












This perspective rendering by Tina Alati features a view of the dining area.



This perspective rendering by Tina Alati features another view of the dining area, including a black-and-white iconic wall-size photo of John Lennon playing the guitar.


This perspective rendering by Tina Alati features a third view of the dining area, highlighting the black and white contrast used within the space.













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