2019 Champion Team Overall All East Contest

Congratulations to the MSU Livestock Judging Team! This is a 3-day contest that tests students true skills in not only judging but pricing, market evaluation, selection, and reasons.

Livestock Judging Team: 2019 All East Contest
Livestock Judging Team: 2019 All East Contest

Team Results

  • Champion Team Overall All East Contest
  • Champion Team Judging Division
  • Champion Team Reasons
  • Champion Team Breeding Animal Selection
  • Champion Team Swine Selection
  • Champion Team Sheep/Goat Selection

Individual Results

Brad Chapman

High Individual Overall. High Individual Sheep, High Individual Hogs, High Individual Selection, High Individual Sheep Selection, 4th Overall Cattle, 2nd Reasons, 2nd Swine Judging, 5th Judging, 2nd Swine Selection, 4th Overall Eval, 5th Sheep Eval, 8th Swine Eval, 2nd Cattle Eval

Brady Littlefield

4th High Individual. 6th Overall Beef, 5th Overall Swine, 10th Overall Sheep, 3rd Overall Judging, 5th Reasons, 4th Cattle Judging, 10th Swine Judging, 8th Overall Selection, 4th Swine Selection, 4th Sheep Selection, 2nd Beef Eval

Rebecca Herzog

9th High Overall. High Individual Sheep Judging, 3rd Overall Sheep, 10th Overall Judging, 7th Overall Eval, 5th Beef Eval, 9th Sheep Eval 

Thomas Littlefield

3rd Reasons. 7th Overall Judging, 6th Cattle Judging 

Katie Romzek

9th Beef Eval, 10th Swine Selection

Additional Team Members

Ty Cool, Kelsie Letts, Kollin Johnson, and Zac Hultink


Coach: Chastin Leggett

Asst. Coaches: Tawnie DeJong, Ethan Douglass, Brenden Johnson

Special thanks to Chris Strong for his support in evaluation and to all of our alumni, faculty, and sponsors for your continued support of our dreams.

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