4-H interview workshop and resources prepare youth for real-world interviews

Michigan State University Extension uses interview skills workshop and resources to prepare youth for interviewing.

According to Learn More Indiana, “Interviewing is the most stressful part of the job search for many people. You can make the most of that opportunity by being prepared, presenting a professional demeanor and describing your qualifications well."

One of the goals of Michigan State University (MSU) Extension career exploration and workforce preparation workgroup is that youth are workforce ready. Part of being workforce ready involves knowing how to prepare for a successful interview experience. Through “Interviews for Success” workshops, 4-H Exploration Days sessions and on-line resources, youth are learning how to properly introduce and present themselves, even down to the perfect business handshake. These tools enhance self-esteem while preparing youth for a variety of interview situations.

Identifying a person’s skills is an important step in preparing for various careers, including starting your own business and attending college. Skills are learned and are traditionally grouped into two areas: life skills and technical skills. 4-H usually focuses on life skills through hands-on activity. “Life Skills are those competencies that assist people in functioning well in the environments in which they live.”

We have recently learned that some life skills and career preparation content is being dropped by some Michigan school districts as the economy and available budget dollars continue to challenge educators. These 4-H programs act as a valuable means of supplementing the Michigan education system.

4-H Staff and volunteers can help fill that void while building life skills for youth in the areas of:

  • Working (marketable skills)
  • Being (self-esteem)
  • Thinking (critical thinking and decision making)

4-H volunteers are very good at teaching technical content (woodworking, animal science, crafts, etc.) to 4-H members. By utilizing MSU Extension career exploration and workforce preparation resources, volunteers can enhance the impact of 4-H projects by focusing on interview skills related to their topic expertise.

For  more resources and materials related to interviewing, visit the MSU Extension 4-H webpage on exploring careers.

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