4-H Animal Care and Well-Being bookmarks and posters available for purchase

New resources answering common care and well-being questions about 4-H project animals at local fairs are now available for purchase through MSU Extension Bookstore.

In spring 2015, the 4-H Animal Care and Well-Being resources were introduced as an additional tool to help 4-H youth share their animal science knowledge. The bookmarks and posters, created by Michigan State University Extension with support from the MSU Department of Animal Science and United Dairy Industry of Michigan, were intended to be used at public animal events. The purpose of these resources is that at animal events, such a fairs and expositions, the posters and bookmarks would aid in educating the public on why animals are taken care of in a particular ways. The bookmarks and posters are not an exhaustive list of questions and answers, but they do provide talking points for youth to have an open dialogue with anyone seeking information about animal science and animal agriculture while attending events.

These resources are now available for purchase from the MSU Extension Bookstore at shop.msu.edu. The MSU Extension Bookstore offers numerous resources for adults and youth, including DVDs and printed materials on a wide variety of topics. Each of the six topic areas may be purchased individually or as a bundle of the six topic areas at a reduced price. Each bookmark has 10 commonly asked questions and answers specific to the animal or topic area. There are 50 bookmarks per pack. The six topic areas include:

As a compliment to the bookmarks, 18x24 inch full color posters were also produced. These posters have five of the questions from the bookmarks on a larger scale to be displayed on information boards, barn entrances or exits, or other appropriate areas. Like the bookmarks, the posters may be purchased individual or as a group of six. The individual posters can be found through the links below:

Additional bookmarks and posters are in the editing stage and will be released in spring 2016. Future species to be added to the series include llamas and alpaca, rabbits, goats, cavies and poultry.

For questions or more information about the Animal Care and Well-Being resources, please contact me, a 4-H dairy youth educator, at elischer@anr.msu.edu.

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