Academic struggles and applying for college

What are some options for students interested in attending college yet struggling to meet the minimum requirements for college enrollment?

What type of options do students have if they struggled with their academics in school, have a passion to attend a four-year college and are struggling to meet the minimum requirements for the college/university? The good news is colleges have different requirements for admissions. When considering applicants, colleges look at certain things like a student’s grade point average (GPA), SAT or ACT scores, classes taken, class rank and extra-curricular activities like sports, band or 4-H. Not all students fit the picture-perfect image of someone with a high GPA, high SAT or ACT score, college prep classes and active in a number of extra-curricular activities. There are other students who struggle with high school classes and scoring well on standardized tests. Michigan State University Extension has the following suggestions for these students to take into consideration when looking at college options.

Open admissions

Consider schools with an open admissions policy. Big Future by the College Board defines open college admission as a policy of accepting any high school graduate, no matter what his or her grades are, until all spaces in the incoming class are filled. Big Future also states that almost all two-year community colleges have an open admission policy. Based on this definition, students can consider attending a community college.

Find schools with high acceptance rates

Another option is to research four-year colleges that have high college acceptance rates. In an article on PrepScholar, colleges with high acceptance rates tend to be more concerned with providing access to higher education for students who meet the minimum requirements. Also, the concerns with attending these schools are related to their possible reputation, and the benefits of attending these schools may give a student a better chance to excel.

Gain a reach school perspective

Students can look at the college application process with a perspective of applying to a reach school. Princeton Review states that a reach school or dream school is a college or university where the student’s academic credentials fall in the lower or below the school’s average range for the students who were accepted the previous year. They are long-shots, but should still be possible. There are risks of applying to reach schools, and attending a reach school can have some challenges for the student.

Are you a student in high school with plans to attend college and you’re struggling to meet the minimum requirements for admission? Consider these options for future college enrollment.

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