Adding Content (Generic) to a Page using the Preview Screen in dotCMS

From the Edit Tab, you are able to add new generic content including images and videos, to the page container.

  1. Lock the Page to access the Edit Tab.
  2. Select Add Content.
  3. Select New Content.

  4. Select Content (Generic).
    NOTE: The CMS may allow you to create other content types this way; however, it is Not Recommended. Rather, it is recommended that you create other content entries on the Content Tab or the Pages Tab of the Admin Screen.

  5. Enter the Title for that piece of content.
    NOTE: This title is not displayed so it is encouraged that you be as descriptive as possible for future searchability.
  6. Using the Drop-Down Menu, change the Host to your site's folder.
  7. Using the WYSIWYG Editor, enter the Body of the content.
  8. Select Save / Publish.
    NOTE: "Save" acts as a Save as Draft option and will not publish the content to the page.

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